Writing Retreats

Our holistic mind-body-spirit approach will change your writing experience forever.

Participants Say

“My focus took on a completely new direction. My heart broke through. It’s less about writing and more about the journey of self-discovery.”

“Be prepared to learn about yourself in a safe, nurturing environment.”

“I have more confidence. How is it that I have so much talent???”

“I’m now open to the possibility that I can write, and that my perspective is valuable.”

“We’re so encouraged by your ideas and energy! These come through loud and clear in your follow-up e-mail. We talked tonight and are even more excited about working more closely with you in the coming months.”

“How inspiring to have some else understand us, even though you had never before read nor heard of what we’ve been trying to do. Thank you.”

“This was pure magic! There’s no other word for it.”

Individual Retreats in Arizona

This business was inspired by the client who said, “I wish I could fly in, work with you for a week, and get my whole book figured out!” You choose a hotel in the East Valley of the Phoenix area, and we schedule extensive time together, alternating your writing, solitude, and pampering, in whatever proportion best supports your intention. Great times to schedule this type of retreat include planning a book, completing one, responding to your publisher’s editorial notes, or planning your platform-building activities.


Invented here! You book any location convenient for you, as long as it is not your home and it includes telephone or Internet access and spa treatments, and we schedule conference calls to support you in your retreat intention. We provide the sounding board during periodic conference calls, and send you minutes and suggestions to keep your project flowing after the retreat. Yes, you must leave home, and yes, you must schedule at least one spa session to call it a Writers’ Resort Tele-Retreat. If you are home, even thinking about your laundry, that’s a consultation.

Retreats to Go

Personalized for your group in your choice of location. Together, we plan a mix of activities to suit your group’s needs and interests:

  • Inspire greater creativity and confidence in aspiring writers
  • Facilitate a collaborative project for your team
  • Train your colleagues in writing and editing skills
  • Help each writer get more done
  • For small groups, individual consultations can be included