Sometimes Gwyn teaches college classes. If you can read this, you can learn to communicate on paper! Some helpful posts are listed below. You can also check the blog categories and tags for additional education related posts.

Teaching Philosophy

  • You have gifts to share with the world, and writing is often involved.
  • With technology, collaboration, and social media, you’ll write more than any generation before.
  • You can learn to write. “Wax on. Wax off.”
  • Life is an open book test. We don’t have to know everything–only where to find it.
  • When you find something worth saying, something you have a passion for, many writing problems disappear.
  • Care more about what you’re saying than whether the punctuation is perfect.
  • Do study the details, and learn to use Spell Check. Keep a list of your most common errors and double-check for those. Why make the same error twice? Why have someone judge you as less intelligent than you are?
  • Exercise before writing. Get up and stretch. Brain Gym’s PACE routine is highly recommended. (See Kathy Brown’s Educate Your Brain.)
  • Revision is allowed and encouraged. Do writers in the real world get it right the first time?
  • If you don’t take advantage of your teacher’s professional editing advice, you’re silly.
  • Miracles happen when you show up and do the work. Keep up with the work!
  • Writing is fun!

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