“Write Anything. Solve Everything.”

If you don’t recognize that tagline, then you don’t have a child saving up for a handheld Nintendo DSi just to run the Scribblenauts game.  Remember Harold and the Purple Crayon, where Harold drew his way into and out of his adventures? Well, Scribblenauts is almost there; you solve each problem by scribbling the name of an object you might use and that item stars in the scene. Check it out:

Scribblenauts interview screenshot
Scribblenauts designer Max Cox interviewed

So have you tried this idea in real life? Have you learned to solve problems on paper? You don’t have to know how it turns out to begin. Just start scribbling about a problem and tap into your subconscious problem-solving magic. Start your book with one sentence about your topic and see where that leads. “Write Anything. Solve Everything.”

Text © Gwyn Nichols 2010

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