“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

~Arthur C. Clarke

This weekend, I watched ITT Tech Tempe’s graduating design students present capstone projects of architectural plans, or animation, or video-game design, or illustration. The work was stunning. None of these projects would have been done in the same way even a decade ago, and many couldn’t have been dreamed of.

I was also editing a newsletter for professional speakers when technology emerged as the focus of our sharing. Because I add a quote and my own “Editorial Aside” column, I reviewed what many have said about technology over the centuries and was struck by the predominance of doomsday prophecies. People still fear being replaced by machines, controlled by machines, and destroyed by machines.

But this communication revolution has a whole new flair. It might take fewer people to run an assembly line, but more of us depend on these new tools—which require more of our minds and souls. Technology is expanding our learning opportunities, our circles of influence, and our creative options. It’s driving new communication and collaboration opportunities.

We’re participating in one right here. Let’s celebrate the magic.