Proofreaders detail your car. Copyeditors repair and tune it up. As a developmental editor, I help you customize your car or build one from scratch—and detail it—and then I help you share it successfully.

Gwyn Nichols photo

Purpose: To help experts share ideas that change lives!

Principles: Integrity, collaboration, beginner’s mind, honoring the genius in everyone.

Process: Blend communications, digital, and business consulting skills. As a sounding board, my listening presence helps you communicate your expertise. I often interview, record/transcript, then organize and edit to spark new ideas and capture your speaking voice.

Projects: Collaborating on grant writing, books, courses, email newsletters, social media, other content marketing, and software development. See the Portfolio tab.

How I turned out this way:

  • Story-loving daughter of an industrial engineer.
  • Majored in English. Two master’s degrees: English Language and Literature from Arizona State University and Master of Global Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management at ASU.
  • Taught college courses in writing, research, critical thinking, presentation, and digital skills including website creation and usability.
  • Blended communications and digital skills in government, corporate and academic environments, including books, grant-proposals, inbound marketing content, courses, software, workshops, training manuals, SOPs for manufacturing and business processes, case studies, press releases, proposals, newsletters, test-marketing surveys, and style guides.
  • Focusing these skills to advance social justice advocacy and global development.

Passionate about learning and creating, helping brilliant people develop systems for teaching others, and the missions of Rotary and Thunderbird School of Global Management to create more peace and prosperity for all. 

Ben Franklin’s collection included, “Either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.” Let’s do both. 

I wonder what we could create together.