Gwyn Nichols photo

Founder Gwyn Nichols, MA, MGM, Word Magician, Process Whisperer

Jazzing up boring prose, helping leaders share their messages and optimize processes so we can change the world, with freedom, justice, peace, and prosperity for all.

Proofreaders detail your car. Copyeditors repair and tune it up. As a developmental editor and storyteller, I help experts customize a car or build one from scratch (and detail it) and then help you share it, so your expertise can travel the world and set more people free, in so many ways!

Purpose: Freedom through information.

Principles: Integrity, collaboration, beginner’s mind, world peace and prosperity.

Process: Blend communications, digital, and business consulting skills. As a sounding board, my listening helps you convey your gifts and expertise. I often work with clients by recording/transcribing interviews, then organizing and polishing. This process sparks your best ideas and preserves your natural speaking voice.

Projects: Collaborating on books, courses, grant-writing, content marketing, email campaigns, social media, process design and improvement, UI/UX design and beta-testing. Most projects blend communications and digital skills, and draw on concepts from both master’s degrees: one in English, one in global business. I am especially proud of helping a new hospital in Uganda acquire vital medical equipment, and matchmaking the partnership between Rotary and Thunderbird. Also passionate about teaching and mentoring others in these skills.

How I turned out this way

  • Story-loving bookworm daughter of an industrial engineer and a surgical nurse. Grew up touring factories and hearing about improvement projects for safety and efficiency. At our house, dishwashing involved public health inspection standards and time-motion efficiency.
  • Bachelor’s in English at BYU where I tutored in the writing lab and edited for the academic journals, making PhDs’ articles readable for general college-educated audiences.
  • Two master’s degrees: English Language and Literature from Arizona State University and Master of Global Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management at ASU.
  • Taught college courses in writing, research, critical thinking, presentation, and digital skills including website creation and usability.
  • Blended communications and digital skills in government, corporate, and academic environments, including books, grant-proposals, inbound marketing content, courses, software, workshops, training manuals, over 150 SOPs for manufacturing and business processes, case studies, press releases, proposals, newsletters, test-marketing surveys, and style guides.
  • Collaborated to advance entrepreneurship, global development, and social justice.

Ben Franklin’s collection included, “Either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.” Let’s do both. 

I wonder what could we create together?