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Book cover for Educate Brain by Kathy Brown. The background is blue, with hand-drawn infinity signs in yellow, blue, turquoise, and orange.
“Educate Your Brain” by Kathy Brown – editing
Antigua, Guatemala, at night, with the famous yellow Santa Catalina arch and its clock tower against a cloudy, vivid blue evening sky. Photo by Gwyn Nichols, October 2017.
“Fulfilling Missions and Helping Dreams Come True – Thunderbird Emerging Markets Lab & Bpeace in Guatemala.” 
Silver Thunderbird  logo over a faded scene of national flags from around the world.
“Thunderbird and Rotary International Join Forces” – matchmaker for partnership between Rotary and Thunderbird School of Global Management
New hospital in Bukwo, Uganda, with blue conical roofs over round wings based on traditional design.
Love4Bukwo Hospital, Bukwo, Uganda – grant applications and donor communications

“Come Out Stronger” by Christine Pearson, PhD – editing
TraceGains logo with initials T and G set in a white hexagram, the T in negative space, the G in white.
TraceGains Case Study – inspired vendor to create an innovative product, consulted over three years on user experience, beta-testing, training, and marketing, contributing to their successful acquisition, then consulted on merged product, press release, and case study.
Presentation cover slide titled "Positive Peace & Rotary" illustrated with earth image created from individual photos.
“Positive Peace and Rotary” – presentation introducing Rotary/IEP educational partnership

MacBook and iPhone with a vase of yellow tulips and a cup of hot chocolate representing this usability study. Photo by Alisa Anton, Unsplash.
Usability Study – women’s entrepreneurship course offered through government agencies and nonprofits worldwide

Bpeace Skillanthropist – business consulting with women-owned businesses in Central America.

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