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Proofreaders detail your car. Copyeditors repair and tune it up. As a developmental editor, I can help you customize your car or build one from scratch—and then I detail it!

Gwyn Nichols, Nonfiction Editor

Purpose: Helping experts find and polish your words so you can communicate with the right people to achieve your goals.

Principles: Integrity, collaboration, beginner’s mind, honoring the genius in everyone.

Process: As a sounding board representing your audience, my listening presence helps you communicate confidently. Collaborations often involve interviewing, recording and transcribing, then organizing and editing. This sparks new ideas, resulting in your most brilliant work in a readable style.

Projects: Helping create technical, marketing, and instructional projects, in government, educational, and corporate environments. Qualified as a prime contractor for government work. Collaborations include courses, software, workshops, books, online content, training manuals, over 150 standard operating procedures in an FDA-regulated industry, case studies, press releases, proposals, newsletters, style guides, and surveys. Inspired a solution for the dietary supplement industry’s greatest challenge, and consulted through development, beta-testing, configuration, implementation, marketing, and acquisition of a user-friendly, industry-standard product.

Prepared to blend communications, digital, and business consulting skills in corporate, nonprofit, startup and academic environments, and here’s why:

  • Grew up as the story-loving daughter of an industrial engineer, touring factories
  • Took programming in high school and embraced digital collaboration in every career role.
  • Taught college courses in writing, research, critical thinking, presentation and digital skills.
  • Two master’s degrees: one in English Language and Literature from Arizona State University, and a Master of Global Management from Thunderbird School of Global Management at ASU.

Passionate about learning and creating, helping entrepreneurs create effective effective business models with content marketing, and helping create equitable and sustainable prosperity worldwide, the mission of Thunderbird School of Global Management. Serving on my Rotary district’s strategic planning committee and coordinating our Thunderbird partnership. While studying at Thunderbird, led a due diligence team, traveled to the Middle East, and consulted with ten companies in Guatemala. Later tutored refugees and immigrants from the Middle East and Central America. Love connecting people who make a difference locally and worldwide so we can collaborate and help change the world..

Ben Franklin’s collection included, “Either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.” Let’s do both. 

Clients Say

“I have more confidence. How is it that I have so much talent???”

“Gwyn Nichols is a delight to work with. Her belief in us and our project has propelled us forward. Her help in structuring the next phase of our research is invaluable. She is a constant source of good ideas and inspiration. You might think that you don’t need an editor until you have something written—but you would be wrong! Gwyn will fan that spark of an idea until it is a roaring fire.” 

“This was pure magic! There’s no other word for it.”

“How inspiring to have some else understand us, even though she had never before read nor heard of what we had been trying to do.”

“Gwyn Nichols is a godsend—brilliant and a joy to work with. She’s not only an expert in her field, she’s also very prompt in her turnaround time, helping me meet my deadlines.”

“Gwyn Nichols is definitely an idea person! As a collaborator in our project’s research phase, she abounded with ideas for collecting useful information from our niche audience, and was willing to do the specialized research using survey tools. She accelerated us into action with her suggestions, motivating style, and fabulous follow-through. I have to say that her confidence in our capacity to actually complete our project makes me more optimistic that we will really get there! I’m so glad we found her!” 

“Gwyn Nichols is just the bee’s knees! She’s such a positive, calming and professional influence! Not only did she take on my flaming deadline, Gwyn met it with grace, candor and a sense of support I thought could come only from those who have known me a long time.”  

“Be prepared to learn about yourself in a safe, nurturing environment.”

“Gwyn was the perfect person at exactly the right time in my life. After she gave my book a thorough reading, she made a suggestion that put the entire text into a higher class. I have recommended Gwyn to other people who want to write a book and will continue to do so. Be forewarned—her energy is contagious!” 

What can we create together?

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