Ben Franklin’s collection included, “Either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.” I help people do both!

I overcame crippling writer’s block in my youth, trained as an editor on an academic journal, test-marketed textbooks, and helped subject matter experts finish nonfiction books. I can show you how to jazz up boring prose, and encourage you through a challenging project. One of my clients says I give her oxygen! Love that!

Training-wise, I have a master’s in English Language and Literature, have taught college, done tech writing, improved standard operating procedures in manufacturing and business environments, added a Master of Global Management degree, and gained management consulting experience. I do grant-writing for a Ugandan hospital and business consulting in Central America. So when it comes to sharing your hard-earned wisdom, I also think about how your book fits into your business model, how your expertise-sharing career can help change as many lives as possible. 

I am fueled by curiosity, and I love beauty and excellence, so my life is amazing when I get to learn something about your expertise, and share perspectives and practices to help you complete your project and share it effectively. 

People don’t cross my path until they are ready! I am like a fairy godmother who shows up on cue, so here is your sign: your wish is granted!