“The Power of Receiving”

“Doesn’t it make sense that if you want something—whether to meet the love of your life, get a great job or increase your financial stability—you need to know how to receive it?”

— Amanda Owen, The Power of Receiving

Amanda Owen, The Power of Receiving, Book Cover
Amanda Owen, The Power of Receiving

Amanda dedicates her book “to all who give and give and give.” When I met Amanda through SheWrites.com, this almost published book (Tarcher) sounded like something I urgently needed–along with most other people I know.

Well, it’s here! We celebrated with her at a book signing tonight, where she generously shared the first few steps toward balancing the yin and yang, the reciprocity of giving AND receiving, in our relationships and everything else.

First, accept all compliments! Amanda will receive many herself as this guide catches on. A couple decades ago, she began questioning the ways our culture values giving and scorns receiving, which is unnatural. “Who is the Giver and who is the Receiver when we look at the relationship between a butterfly and a butterfly bush?” She has long studied reciprocity, and then tested these principles and exercises with her counseling and coaching clients and workshop participants. The culture is finally ready to receive her message.

Here’s another quotation that will speak to any writer: “Definition of reciprocity: ‘a willingness or readiness to receive impressions or ideas.'” I’m looking forward to receiving plenty of those!


Text © Gwyn Nichols 2011

Image from the book’s site


    1. Hi, Cristina! You should know! You’re one of the people who have taught me that! In fact, just yesterday, I read this:

      January 27

      into the

      you already

      — Cristina Whitehawk, Doorways to Daily Soul Nurturance

      (Hmmm. I guess centering is not an option in the comment box. You’ll have to get centered elsewhere.)


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