Day is done

lightbulb copyright_Felix_Mockel_iStock_000006201684
Lightbulb photo © Felix Mockel, iStockPhoto #000006201684

Day is done,
gone the sun,
from the lakes
from the hills
from the sky.
All is well.
Safely rest.
God is nigh.

That version of Taps is one of my favorite lullabies. Does that seem morbid? Maybe you associate this poignant tune only with graveside services, but I love it for bedtime. It’s the signal for Lights Out–a concept I (and my household) have trouble grasping.

Thank you Edison and Tesla and all. Electric lights have lengthened every day of my life. But with no sun to obey, where does it end? I’m a mom, a single mom, a teacher, a writer. For any of me, the work will never be done. But the day is done. I’m calling it a day. Sweet dreams!

Text © Gwyn Nichols 2011

Photo © Felix Mockel, iStockPhoto #000006201684


  1. What a neat post, Gwyn. I’ve always loved Taps, too, but never thought of it in that manner. We all need to know when to call it a day. I’ve read that huge numbers of Americans experience sleep deprivation. Is it any wonder? Maybe if Edison had invented bulbs with built-in timers…


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