Firefox 4.0 Ain’t Ready

Some companies use their customers as beta testers. Microsoft springs to mind. I give them at least a year to figure things out before I give in to an upgrade.

Today I added Mozilla to that list. Downloaded Firefox 4.0. I know: stupid to accept a Point-O anything, but this was a group I’ve trusted.

They didn’t say it was beta. I do. Now I have no pictures, anywhere, on any site. It gives me a whole new view of my own blog and the rest of the Internet, with all that alternate text.

There’s probably something I could repair if I searched longer for troubleshooting or asked support, but who has time for that? Therefore, for the first time in several years, I’m giving Safari another chance. Maybe I’ll stay.

1 Comment

  1. I’m a Safari person. I find Firefox slow to find info and load it in comparison to Safari. Not saying Safari is super wonderful; it just seems easier to use and more reliable to me. 🙂


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