Snow Days

Little Girl Rolling Snowman Phase 1 copyright Jen D iStockPhoto #000001319904
Snowman Phase 1 by Jen D

In Arizona’s lower elevations, snow days fraternize with tooth fairies and abominable snowmen–except when your school includes campuses in other climates, and their respective snow days bump the national calendar by a week. (Thank you, Snow Angels, for the prep time between quarters.)

Then yesterday WordPress went down. We got a Snow Day! I’m not blaming nor making excuses. This is a thank you. Our PostADay challenge nourishes the soul–and so does the occasional snow day. It was more like a snow minute, with intermittent flurries. So I wrote this yesterday, hoping you were enjoying my little vacation–but not too much.

Happy spring snow day!


Text © Gwyn Nichols 2011
Photo © Jen D iStockPhoto #000001319904

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