Anne Egros on Goal Setting in 7 Steps

Anne Egros coaches people with international careers. I enjoyed her blog post: “Quick Goal Setting in Seven Steps,” especially steps 2, 3, and 4, the steps between writing down your goals and dividing them into smaller segments. That’s where I tend to think, Now what?

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Quick Goal Setting In Seven Steps

“1-First write your goals down, sort short term, long term goals.

“2-List your personal benefits of reaching those goals, what do you get?  tangible  and non-tangible benefits.

“3-Assess your readiness, do you have the right resources: time, energy, health, people, support, money,environment, timing ?

“4-List what is holding you back, eliminate goals you always put on your list but never succeed to achieve.

“5-Cut big goals into  small, easy steps:  deci … Read More

via Anne Egros, Zest and Zen International Coaching

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