Book Surgeon

“Book doctor” may be one of my roles, but you should meet The Book Surgeon! More than a typical altered book artist, Brian Dettmer literally carves books into new designs, adding nothing, exposing only words and images that were already there. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I’ll start with one that’s still obviously a book–not a bad thing, you know. You’ll want to see them all. Inspiring! I imagine long-gone original authors (and encyclopedia editors) smiling down on Brian for these dissections that bring new life.

Brian Dettmer, The Book Surgeon
Work by Brian Dettmer, The Book Surgeon

For more, see the My Modern Met blog post my son forwarded to me.

Their interview with Brian Dettmer.

Brian’s site 

His Flickr account.

A time-lapse video of one of his projects.

Recent comments and examples selected by other bloggers: 


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Photo lifted from for unsolicited publicity purposes.

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