Yes, for those of you in cooler climes, there is a difference between 105 degrees F and 112. It isn’t as distinct as 72 to 79, but it’s obvious. Over 110, my car’s air conditioner breathes like a horse pulling uphill. For the first couple blocks, it feels like the heater.

This time, a mile in, a young passenger realized it was the heater. I don’t know how that dial ended up over there, but a simple turn of the wrist renewed our gratitude for indoor climate control.

Auto airconditioning dials
Auto air conditional dials image from

We have internal thermostats, too, with patterns of thoughts and emotions that contribute to balance,  peace, and enjoyment, or not.  When we spot an internal climate problem, then it becomes possible to change it; we can choose to turn the dial and cool off, or warm up.

While we’re there, we can select the internal radio station. We can tune to inner guidance and adjust to minimize static. We can ponder chosen questions rather than wander with the random running of the monkey mind. We can receive the sacred messages in the mortal details. And we can laugh when we discover we have been driving around in a furnace.