Hope in the mail

Row of rural mailboxes Library of Congress Photos 5a46561r
Library of Congress Photos 5a46561r

Do you keep some “hope in the mail”? (Wish I knew which writer said that first.)

Waiting for a literary agent to sell a book reminds me of my infertility years. There were false hopes and dashed hopes and miscarried hopes. Once I was actually pregnant, I forgot to suspect it. Another time, we had been chosen by a birth mother, and didn’t know it. Each time, one announcement changed many lives forever.

So keep some hope in the mail. Get excited that you might already be pregnant and not know it yet. And don’t let that stop you from conceiving the next project.


Text © Gwyn Nichols 2010


    1. Ah, this time I’m anonymous. I prefer to sign only my fiction and poetry, so I ghostwrite nonfiction collaborations. I’m the fairy godmother sprucing up my clients for the ball. I love my job!


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