Collage "Four Seasons" copyright Bonnie Jacobs iStock_000000398608
"Four Seasons" copyright Bonnie Jacobs, iStockPhoto #000000398608

It’s finally autumn in the Arizona valleys; it lasts about a week. I think I mentioned this before—along with my tree where the spring buds opened on the east before autumn leaves finished falling on the west.

Life is like that here. No snow days. Heat advisories, of course. Flash floods about annually. There’s little excuse to stay home and shift routines. Here, many hibernate through the summers, then spring clean in the autumn. Hearing “Rite of Spring” or “Appalachian Spring” on our classical station only compounds the illusion.

Even if your weather does slow you down about now, you can still be tempted to rush from one project to the next without skipping a beat.

Pause. Writing calls for a natural rhythm: seed, sprout, sapling, wood, buds, flowers, fruit, harvest, fall, dormancy, thaw, sprout.

Where are you in the process? Is it time to nurture or prune? Stretch or rest? Receive or produce?

Trust the cycle. Gather nutrients for this season. Grow.



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