Writing a book? Prove it

It’s easy to say you’re writing a book. Is this the year you finally do it?

43 Things includes a place to list your resolutions and check out others’ entries, like this list of All-time Most Popular Goals. Here’s the top five:

43 Things Most Popular Goals top 5 1. Lose weight 2. Stop procrastinating 3. Write a book 4. Fall in love 5. Be happy

I wish I could promise that writing your book would lead to all other results, or vice versa. There could be a correlation between “2–stop procrastinating” or “5–be happy” with “3–write a book,” but I doubt it. Plenty of angry people publish books, and every writer I know claims to be lazy. (I think that’s because we writers usually feel we are never off duty, waking or sleeping. So everything else we do feels like slacking.)

Let’s return to the book-writing fervor on 43 Things; it’s sometimes even higher than third. For example, “Write a book” was #2 for today’s entries, and #1 for Phoenix. Naturally, I wondered where it would place on the list of Popular Completed Goals.

It doesn’t make the top 100.

“Learn to type with 10 fingers” shows up at #29, “Writing a poem” at #43, “Read a Classic,” #57, and “Write a poem,” #79. It’s a start.

43 Things Popular Completed Goals 1 to 5043 Things Popular Complete Goals 51-100

Text © Gwyn Nichols 2010

Lists are screen shots from 43 Things as found on 6 January 2011


  1. How can I prove it? By finishing it? Haha.

    I made my blog to start having Fiction Friday type stuff. 😀 so hopefully that’ll help me keep on track, and writing sections of stories and continuing them. Hopefully I’ll finally choose one to make a book! 😀


    1. Precisely–you owe me an invitation to your first book signing!

      I’m kidding. That’s like saying it only counts if you win a marathon, when actually, it can take years to learn the craft and prepare for the marathon. And there are plenty of smaller races you can take on in the meantime. And even in a marathon, finishing can matter more than winning it.

      Prove it by logging the miles, running the words. Prove it by writing more than talking about writing.

      (I’m talking to myself. Thanks for giving me an excuse to say it.)


      1. If I ever finish it, I’ll try my best. Hehe. xD. And if it gets published, that seems to be a rich person’s game now. Self publishers are costly! And many of these agents listed in literary guides now CHARGE for services. Boo.

        Well, I guess I have to actually finish the book first, right? 😛


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