Need a Nap?

I’m on spring break! Before I tackled various maternal, domestic, and academic projects, cleaned my upholstery, and attended a workshop on how to pay for another graduate degree, I napped!

Yawning Newborn
Photo copyrighted, Vivid pixels istockPhoto #00000382919

Imagine that. Theoretically, I already know about sleep’s importance to my health, learning, and inspiration, but do I schedule enough of it?

The National Sleep Foundation classifies naps as planned, emergency, or habitual. This one qualified as emergency. I didn’t feel qualified to drive. And I could feel a cold coming on if I didn’t supercharge my immune system.

My main resolution–to breathe–has branched out to include meditation and yoga, and now, sleep. I shared Arianna Huffington’s hilarious speech on the subject in an earlier post, but I was teaching two night classes at the time and I didn’t schedule those naps. Here’s my chance to commit to that self-care. I’m sure I’ll be all the smarter for it. Maybe I’ll even remember to check my pockets before I wash another phone.


Text © Gwyn Nichols 2011

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