Rogue Phone

Today I ran my cell phone through the wash.

It’s my business phone, and there were also major family coordination maneuvers happening tonight, so getting my phone dried and back into the action was a relief.

Then it dialed Jester’z–twice. That’s a great family-friendly comedy improv troop in Scottsdale, AZ. Now we know my phone has a sense of humor. None of the buttons worked, so I tore off the back and removed the battery before it could make reservations.

The next time I reassembled it, this phone took spy photos from the side pocket of my purse. Naturally, it soon announced its memory was full.

We could make analogies to the actions of people under stress, especially some who might need to dry out.

Anyway, if you need to contact me, this is the place. And if you receive a call from me today, be suspicious.


Text © Gwyn Nichols 2011


  1. This post made me smile and I was in need of a smile. Thank you! Looks like you’ll be getting a new phone. There is always a silver lining, right? I’m afraid if I ran my cell phone through the wash it might have a more sinister agenda than yours.


    1. Thanks for smiling! The world needs more of that.

      As for my new phone–actually, CaSandra’s suggestion worked–even with only part of it–the plastic bag with a piece of dried bread enclosed.

      Either that, or my phone heard me say “iPhone.”


  2. LOL!!!!! Love this, now I don’t feel so bad about when I dropped my phone into my water glass in the cupholder of my car!! Sent for a new one, waited 4 days for the new one…the First time. Second time I repeated the same first steps, only this time when I called into customer service the agent (a young guy who had worked in repair before) said “May I tell you a secret? When you send that to us we are probably just going to dry it out and then resell it. We do this by taking the phone, putting it between two pieces of bread, like a sandwich, stick it into a baggy, and lay it under a soft pillow, with a book on top for about 8 hrs., try this first, it could save you some money. I did. Two years later, and one more time of dunking the phone, it works great! Phone, text, pictures, memory, and recording features, all working. Walking away with a little lighter step, thanks for the memories and great laugh!


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