Writing and Ice Cream

Boys eating ice cream copyright Hugh Stonelan iStockPhoto 000002098108
Photo © Hugh Stonelan

One of my youngest fans requested that I blog about ice cream.

“How is ice cream related to Writers’ Resort?”

“Easy,” he said. “Resort equals ice cream.”

Ah. It has been a while since I reminded you of the fun part, the reward part, the relaxed part, of this whole enterprise. In fact, if you schedule a tele-retreat with me, I will require you to get away from your house, book a spa service, take a walk or a day on the golf course, and maybe even eat ice cream.

So why doesn’t that apply to your everyday writing routines as well? All work and no play might make you a dull writer–if not dull, then probably tired, probably not overflowing with inspiration.

Have some fun. Take time to taste the ice cream.

Text © Gwyn Nichols, 2011

Photo © Hugh Stonelan,  iStockPhoto #000002098108

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