Carved in Amethyst

I didn’t write today, and I wouldn’t be here either except for this blogging commitment I made.

But I did create! Last year a favorite necklace broke. Today I did more than repair it–I revised it! (I’d photograph it for you, but I can’t find my camera computer cord.)

Such healing and protective properties have been attributed to amethyst, its name means “not drunken.” And these chunky, randomly faceted beads were fabulous comfort for my whiplash. My neck chose this necklace. At room temperature, the stones are almost ice. Then with wearing, they seem to warm beyond skin temperature. Remove them to cool and begin again.

Well, this amethyst necklace was several inches longer than my frame requires, and it had a decorative toggle clasp to wear in front, but no other embellishments. So when I bought the replacement beading wire, I chose silver spacer beads as well. Then I reserved almost half the amethyst to made a second necklace. I fell right into a new hobby.

We writers tend to come from personality types who have a hard time doing nothing. We’re at least thinking all the time. So this was my attempt at being frivolous.

Meanwhile, I was thinking of Jung playing with his childhood architectural blocks, shortly before his major ideas came together. I was considering lapis lazuli for the second necklace–and how it was the expensive ingredient of that gorgeous blue in illuminated manuscripts. Sorry, I’m thinking again.

Get a hobby.


Text © Gwyn Nichols 2011, All Rights Reserved.

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