Blessings of Daily Blogging

Having posted daily almost a third of a year (six times a week with only two misses), I’m amazed that I’m still getting it done, and that it’s been so easy. Here are my 10 favorite results of daily blogging:

  1. The daily habit: easier to maintain than weekly, monthly, or sporadic writing.
  2. Permission to be ordinary. Not every post has to be inspired and profound. The less I worry about that, the more I get inspired.
  3. More personal topics, sharing more of my personality and my life.
  4. Broadened topics, reaching beyond my own world.
  5. Greater connection with others as I explore new ideas to write about.
  6. Encouraging great writers I discover this way.
  7. Audience. My readership jumped as soon as I began blogging daily and has grown steadily ever since, with interesting readers from around the world.
  8. Title and topic testing. There are time-of-day and weekly patterns to my stats, but mainly it’s title attraction.
  9. Practicing what I preach to clients, inspiring friends–to have a daily practice, and be willing to practice in public.
  10. Detachment from results. It’s all about the writing. Only practice. Simply do.


Text © Gwyn Nichols 2011. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I definitely agree with #2. There’s something freeing about blogging every day. Since I started the Post a Day Challenge, I noticed an increase in readers. I follow a lot of other bloggers now too and find it inspiring to see so many people writing such great articles regularly.


  2. I totally agree. I too am amazed that I’m still here. The amazing thing is that I’m finding more creative inspiration in other areas too.

    Roll on 2012, LOL


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