Random Unexpected Blog of Awesomeness

Pokemon Rayquaza Sky Judgment
Pokemon Rayquaza Sky Judgment

Younger son’s blog idea: “It’s time for your random blog of the month.” I didn’t know I had such a thing. He explained, “Oh, you just write about Pokemon cards or how to train a puppy or any totally whacked out blog that has nothing to do with anything you’re trying to tell them. It’s just a totally crazy, random, unexpected blog of awesomeness.”

Well, since I write about writing, anything I write connects to writing, right? It works for your topic as well. Synchronicity and your meaning-making mind machine will connect the most random ideas for creative clarity and pure poetry. So try that. Be random. Ask anybody for a random topic and marvel at what shows up.


Text © Gwyn Nichols and Young Son, 2011. All Rights Reserved.

Image Pokemon.com

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