Don’t You Have a Writing Appointment?

Do you ever break your writing appointments? Let’s assume you scheduled time to write. Congratulations! That’s progress right there. But that laundry is calling? You’re only going to check e-mail? You just can’t wait to read my blog? (Thank you.)

Well, here’s a guy who inspires me. He has an almost foolproof system for writing on a schedule. He has an accountability partner. He makes the appointment. He keeps the appointment. He writes. He gets it done. He sends it out. Whether he feels like it or not, has an idea or not, feels satisfied with how it turned out or not, he just does it. And that’s the secret to eventual success.

Sourena Vasseghi
Sourena Vasseghi, speaker, author of Love Your Life and It Will Love You Back

Sourena Vasseghi has cerebral palsy. So he makes appointments with his typing partner. That is one strict schedule. If I had someone typing every word for me, how many minutes would I waste getting sidetracked? (Do Sourena and Kristi ever get sidetracked?)

And by the way, Sourena has not only completed a book, Love Your Life and It Will Love You Back, he also speaks professionally with his speaking partner Rich Finley at Love Your Life Seminars. Naturally, he has a personal trainer to keep his exercise appointments, and he’s looking for the love of his life. You might say Sourena is mastering the art of partnership.

So enjoy Sourena’s advice on The Proper Environment for Writing and read between the lines for his message on getting support and keeping your writing appointments. You might ask yourself, Are you reliable in your appointments with yourself? And could there be a partnership that supports your writing success?


Text © Gwyn Nichols 2011, Writers’ Resort LLC

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