Writing Detox

Sheila Patel, MD, of the Chopra Center suggests “9 Practices for Seasonal Detoxification,” many of which you might expect from a “board-certified family physician and Ayurvedic expert.” She prescribes an organized or do-it-yourself healing retreat of meditation, mind-body exercise, foods, herbs, sauna, massage, rest, nature–and writing.

9.)  Keep a Journal
Writing is an extremely useful tool for self-reflection and emotional detoxification. Take time each evening to write about what you have been feeling both physically and emotionally. Note what you are grateful for, and then try to identify things in your life that you would like to eliminate. Write about how it will feel when these things have been eliminated—and also identify what you would like to bring into this space that you will create in your life.

Writing will change your life! Here Dr. Patel touches on several reasons for that. Self-reflection is good for brain functioning, stress reduction, and creativity, especially when focused on gratitude, and when it leads to making positive changes.

And for the writing retreats I often recommend, you may spend more time writing, but I hope you’ll also incorporate many of Dr. Patel’s suggestions. Enjoy the rest of her article here: http://www.chopracenterhealingwisdom.com/?p=452


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