Your Book-Writing Starting Line

With all your acquired wisdom and experience, you have plenty to share! Are you wondering which book to write first, or next? Are you digging deep to find your real message for the world and the ideal people to share it with? Try asking yourself these questions:

Fingerpaints, copyright Jacek Chabraszewski iStockPhoto #000005599246
  • What have you come through?
  • How did you get to this (presumably better) place you’re in now?
  • What book would have helped you?
  • How would it have helped you? Might you have made your journey more quickly, more directly, more lucidly, with less duress, with more grace and ease, with more laughs?

Draw a map for your Younger Self. Offer Little You a cup of water. Let your Former Self out of prison. Hand your Dreamer Self the keys to the kingdom.

Why worry about impressing others you have little in common with? You’re here to connect with your own tribe, to nurture the wounded ones you understand, to lead those who aspire to be more like you. It’s a writer’s adage: the more specific, the more universal. So let go of feeling responsible for the planet. Start with one dear person, the one you used to be.

Text © Gwyn Nichols 2010

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  1. Great advice. For a looooooong time, I wanted to try to affect everyone and I felt I’d failed if I didn’t change everyone’s lives. Your advice comes at a good time for me. Thanks 🙂


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