Gratitude List for Hard Times

Superstition Mountains AZ with golden poppies
Superstition Mountains AZ with golden poppies © Stephen Strauss, iStockPhoto #000005667247

The usual, taken-for-granted, like breath, life, food, roof, clothes

People whose ordeals seem considerably worse

Problems you used to have, which have mercifully passed away

Loved ones

People you enjoy not seeing anymore

Dreams dashed, proving you didn’t need them anyway

Bare stripped-to-bone clarity about what matters

Hugs from someone who’s been there and lived to tell it

Bafflement from those who will never know this and thus never know wisdom

The sky, blue and cheerful, or pouring blessings on your head, oblivious to pain

The clock, measuring toward the end of all suffering


Text © Gwyn Nichols 2011

Photo © Stephen Strauss, iStockPhoto #000005667247

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