Warning to Fellow Bloggers

Ice Cream Cart, copyright Parema, iStockPhoto #000013634353
Ice Cream Cart, © Parema

A word to the wise: whatever you blog about, never stray into that dangerous topic territory known as Ice Cream. If you blog about Ice Cream, the purveyors of Ice Cream will hunt you down and attack with comment spam thirty times a day for who knows how long. You’ll learn all about Ice Cream coupons, free Ice Cream, daily Ice Cream–from big names in Ice Cream parlors and unnamed Ice Cream promoters.

Ironically, someone at my house considers Ice Cream a daily staple, so you might think we’d be receptive. But no. If you even think my blog exists to be your billboard, you’ve joined my personal boycott list. That goes for all spammers as well; Ice Cream merely leads the pack in spam proliferation.

You never saw it happen because the spam on this site was filtered–thank you Akismet. That’s why I’m warning you. Blog about Ice Cream at your own peril.

Now, is it too early to enjoy some (non-spamming produced) Ice Cream?

Text © Gwyn Nichols 2011, All Rights Reserved.

Photo of Ice Cream Cart © Parema, iStockphoto® #000013634353


  1. I’ve noticed that spam comes up a lot when a post is related to items that can be bought. I posted one on cleaning more efficiently and the spam just kept coming at me. But it’s nice to know we can count on Akismet.


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