Time Out

My computer has requested a break. It did break.

Bad news: my three years of Apple Care have recently expired, and it’s a defective logic board. “Sounds expensive,” I say.

“Very,” says Zane the Genius. Good news: it’s covered by the supplier NVIDIA because it’s under a recall.

Bad news: Apple and NVIDIA have known this was a bad batch. I even got one of the last of this model. Neither company thought I had a need to know.

Good news for them: they didn’t have to replace all of them, and only if and when our computers suddenly died. The expense to NVIDIA and trouble to Apple got spread out over several years. Very clever.

Bad news for them: I prefer to schedule recall replacements at my convenience, not without warning, so I’m griping about it online!

Good news for them: Zane was actually happy to have his suspicions confirmed by all the testing so he could help me. I suspect he’d find a way to make buying a new computer sound like a happy outcome. Great customer service skills.

Good news:  They had the logic board in stock.

Bad news: If I want the the lower case replaced (just for the defective latch) that part shipment adds a few days.

Good news: They discontinued that latching mechanism on newer models.

Good news: My computer is not dead. I get it back soon.

Good news: I have my data backed up–I think.

Good news: I’ll do more of those handwritten drafts I recently reminded you about.

Good news: I get to laugh about the irony of that.

Good news: The symbolism of having a defective logic board is not lost on me. (Does the one in my head need a replacement, a repair, or only a reinstall?)

Good news: My problems are minor.

Good news: I’ve been one diligent blogger and I’ve earned a few days off. See you around sometime.


Text © Gwyn Nichols 2011. All rights reserved.

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