What’s Your Style?

This one is for those of you who already write in complete, yet not inexhaustible sentences, and wonder whether you have any style.

Of course, you do–just as you have a personality style, a speaking style, a breathing rhythm, a driving style. You can’t help it. You are an original because you are the only one. Whether you want to tweak your writing style is up to you. (My favorite book on style is Trimble’s Writing with Style.)

David L. L. Houston enumerates some of the features that distinguish one author’s style from another, and I liked his style. What’s Your Style?


Text © Gwyn Nichols 2011

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  1. On the topic of writing style, I found a website that analyzes a sample of your writing, then tells you which famous author you write like:


    Depending on which sample of my writing I select, I write like Arthur C. Clarke — not surprising, since I read his books voraciously while growing up — or like David Foster Wallace, with whom I’m not familiar but apparently wrote with long multi-clause sentences with jargon and vocabulary from a wide variety of fields.


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