Design Corp Branding a New Year 2012: Return to Middle Earth version
Design Corps Branding a Tolkien New Year

My favorite book designers had a brainstorm. They said, “For many people, 2011 was not such a good year in so many ways . . . . But to be fair, 2011 was never marketed very well. People tend to see what they expect, and expectations have not been very high for a while. Perhaps a good brand identity would have helped. That is why for 2012 we thought we would start the year off right with a selection of possible branding options, things that some of us could be looking forward to, and which may help us all have better expectations.” (That’s John Wollinka and Dan van Loon of Design Corps, who obviously design other wonders in addition to books.)

Shown here is my favorite, “A Return to Middle Earth.” Enjoy the rest at Design Corps, “Branding a Brand New Year.” Happy 2012!


Image © John Wollinka and Dan van Loon of Design Corps. All rights reserved. Used without their permission; it’s a surprise.