About a month ago, Mimi Meredith shared her mother’s advice for cold Montana mornings: “Darlin’ girl, just put one foot on the ground.” I’ve been smiling over that ever since.

And I’ve begun noticing how often I begin projects that feel huge, day after day: creating a proposal for a workshop, reading a book manuscript for a consultation, grading a flood of student papers. (I’m sure you have your own version of this.) Once I’m in the flow, I don’t want to stop. But there’s that moment that can feel like a winter draft: do I really know how to do this? do I have enough time set aside? Am I up to this one? Will I know what to do with whatever I’m in for?

I’ve been noticing those moments and thanking Mimi as I just put one foot on the ground and realize I’m up and running.

If you want to write a book, maybe you could put one word on a page.

Feel the draft and do it anyway.

Here’s Mimi’s post: “Just put one foot on the ground”


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