Covey on Goal Execution

Covey 4 Disciplines of Execution YouTube screen shot
Covey “4 Disciplines of Execution” on YouTube
Sometimes I run around, chasing urgent matters, forgetting my life’s most important goals and priorities. You would think I’d be immune: Stephen R. Covey was a college professor of mine. I was learning and applying the 7 Habits before they were numbered. So maybe that’s why seeing Dr. Covey again brings me back to my senses. Or maybe he does that for everyone. Here, he’s focusing on what it takes for teams to execute their goals. I can also apply these points to my team of one.
Writing goals are easy to postpone. (That’s why I’m an expert!)  Unless you have a publishing contract or a class deadline, nobody notices if you bump that project to the end of the bottomless To Do list again. Dr. Covey would call our writing goals the Important but not Urgent; he teaches us to schedule time for those projects and keep them high on the list, because that’s where the best things in life are found.
How do you do that? What works for you?

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